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[ administrative listed alphabetically ]

Articles of Incorporation and Deportment. Black Monday, March 2001. Introduced at meeting on May 5, 2001. Articles amended and agreed upon at that time.

Introductory Letter to New Members. Black Monday, March 2001.

Mission Statement. Black Monday, March 2001.

The Official LUPEC Minutes Journal. (RIP) Purchased May 2001.[jpg format]

[ minutes from past official meetings listed reverse chronologically ]

The Green Party. July 2003.

Whiskey Daisy's Lois, George, and Jackie Party. May 2003

Brandy "YAFG" Alexander's Voodoo Cocktail Party. November 2002

Whiskey Daisy's Garden Party. June 2002

Cinco de Mayo: Revolution, Feminism, and Tequila! May 2002.

All the Presidents' Ladies, or, Favorite Cocktails of the First Ladies. April 2002

Three for the Price of One: LUPEC honors the Godess and the Three Marys. March 2002.

Sirens of the Silver Screen. November 2001.

Would You Like Some Cheese with that Whine? October 2001.

The Suburban Room, Dormont, PA. September 2001.

Carolina Cocktails: Hats, Purses, Gloves, Pearls. August 2001.

Disco, Punk, & Diamond: The 70s Prom You Always Wanted. Punches. July 2001.

Hey, Ho! Cocktails Tiki. June 2001.

Cocktails Parisienne.. May 2001.

[ general listed alphabetically ]

A Brief History of Punch. June 2001. Written by Black Monday & Pink Squirrel PS I Love You.

Carolina Cocktails: Hats, Purses, Gloves, Pearls -- An Introductory Essay. July 2001. Written by True Trixie.

Cherchez la Femme. March 2002. Written by Black Monday.

Fairly Difficult but not Impossible Women's History Quiz Black Monday, March 2003.

Famous Prom Queens. July 2001. Theme: Disco, Punk, & Diamond: The 70s Prom You Always Wanted. Punches.

A Few of Our Favorite Muses. July 2003.

The History of the Red Velvet Swing. December 2001. Written by Black Monday.

Lady Frieda Harris (a brief biography). March 2003. Written by Black Monday.

The Red Velvet Swing: The Drink and How It Came To Be. January 2002. Written to commemorate the First Annual LUPEC Holiday Party (Fa La La La La La La La LUPEC)

Self-Proclaimed Prom Titles. July 2001. Theme: Disco, Punk, & Diamond: The 70s Prom You Always Wanted. Punches.

Some of the Emboldened Women of Canada. October 2002. By Dark and Stormy.

Where Were All the Women, Anyway? March 2004. Written as part of the Women's History Month Gallery Walk at the Frick Art and Historical Center for the opening of the exhibition, Victorian Visions.

Which Witch is Which? From the All Witch Halloween Party. October 31, 2003. [Answer Key]

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~dismantling the patriarchy one drink at a time ~

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