Cinco de Mayo: Revolution,
Feminism, and Tequila!

May 5, 2002
hosted by: Firefly
in attendance: Black Monday, Sapphi, Madras, Whiskey Daisy.

Drinks: Kir Royale, Diablo, Margarita | Drink Descriptions | The Menu | Meeting Minutes

Kir Royale

1 part Crème de Casis
5 parts dry Champagne
lemon peel

Pour Casis in a champagne flute add champagne slowly and a twist of lemon

B. Monday – very classy – crisp and dry 5!
Sapphi – yet another great way to drink champagne! 5
“M” – lite & crisp, most important dry! Loved it! 5
W.D. – Anything with champagne makes me happy!  5
firefly- ohlala! 5


1 ½ ounces of Tequila 
¼ ounce of Crème de Casis
¼ of a lime
Ginger ale to fill

Using a tall glass (Collins), pour Tequila, and Casis over Ice.  Squeeze a ¼ of a lime into glass and fill with ginger ale. Add a swizzle stick and a lime wedge.

B. Monday –Tequila, to me, always tastes dusty. That taste works well w/ the sweet tastes in this drink as well. The drink name made me think it would be spicy – but it’s just naughty. 4.5
Sapphi – as with coconut, I also have an aversion to tequila. The reasons for the aversion are vastly different, yet still are there.  This drink is a positive step forward in my tequila therapy. 4.0
“M” – WOW BABY – YEAH I love tequila, LOVE, usually straight, but this mixture is an all-new way to indulge in my tequila addiction! Love it 5
W.D. – Tequila – I always forget that I really do like it. Just the right amount of sweetness. 4
firefly- This is a wonderful drink, sweet, spicy and fizzy. 5


1 cup Tequila
½ cup of triple Sec
½ cup of fresh lime juice
pinch of sugar

Put all ingredients into a pitcher with ice and shake vigorously. Use a lime wedge to moisten the rims of each glass, dip in sea salt. Pour drinks over fresh ice.


B. Monday –I never have gotten this Margarita thing but trying this drink the traditional way is a step in the right direction 4.0
Sapphi –  can’t write, drinking. 4.5
“M” – Ritas, love them, I would have enjoyed a little more sugar to cut the acidity of Jose, still very good 4.5
W.D. – This is going down too nicely. I, unfortunately, don’t like a lot of salt – so I took it off! I dig these - 5
firefly- nice and tart. Even better ‘cause we’re on the porch. Lime juice makes everything nice. 4.5

Drink Descriptions:

Kir Royale (represents the French side of the Battle of Puebla which took place on May 5, 1862) the French may have lost that battle but the drink sure won the hearts of LUPEC.

Diablo, one of the very few tequila cocktails in Trader Vic’s 1946 book Guide to Food and Drinks

Margarita, the most mythical drink of the afternoon and the most American.  There are more cinco de mayo parties, parades and general good times in the large Chicano communities of Texas, Southern California and Chicago than in Mexico itself. 

The Menu:

Tortilla chips with salsa and mango salsa
Spicy black bean dip
Turkey Empanadas
Corn cakes
Margarita Pound Cake

Meeting Minutes

Regrets were given by Brandy, DarkNStormy and Bijou—oh well, more bean dip for us, I guess…

Firefly’s table set up, lovely apartment and great kitties were admired.

The following points of discussion were noted:

  • Martha stewart products – not what they’re cracked up to be
  • Whiskey Daisy may have to change date for the June party and initiation of Barbelles.  Reference was made to “surprises.”  We all shifted in our seats and bent forward for more clues.  None were forthcoming
  • Sapphi’s art will be in the verbal auction for Art for AIDS.  Art for AIDS is an annual even here in the ‘Burgh, raising money for AIDS research via the auction of artwork donated by local artists.  Always a good cause and always one of THE hip events of the year.
  • Pulp article was discussed.  Future collaborations with Pulp were considered
  • Madras suggested coming up with a calendar of days we are all available to go out (in reference to the last minute scheduling of Pulp photo shoot and bar review/interview)
  • Firefly mentioned the reason behind the turkey empanadas as part of a movement to bring back pre-Hispanic cuisine in Mexico.
  • LUPEC will be helping at Sapphi’s recording on June 1, 2002.  This will be an invitation only event where LUPEC will help out taking tickets, serving refreshments, and bouncing hecklers.  The event is a live cabaret show for Mama Spell that will result in a CD.
  • Daisy as our official PR person? We all agreed she does know how to work it but decided it should be put up for a vote.
  • A few names came up as future LUPEC members.  Methods of indoctrination were discussed.  First suggestion was that we just take them in as they show up on the doorstep while adhering to the no more than 12 rule.  Some of the Barbelles, however, mentioned how they appreciated being part of a group of newbies as opposed to facing the group alone.  No official decision was made but the talk seemed to favor the group indoctrination.  We all agreed 12 glasses for 3 different drinks is a lot.
  • Margarita Poundcake!  DAMN!

The party went on with appropriate small talk after these main points of business were discussed.  All at once, everyone seemed to feel the need to go home and sleep it off.  Was it the Tequila?  Or was it the lazy spring Sunday?  Maybe just the satisfaction of another LUPEC Party success…

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