Meeting Minutes
March 24, 2002
Hostess: Black Monday

In Attendance: Brandy "YAFG" Alexander, Sapphitini,
Whiskey Daisy, Firefly, Dark and Stormy, Madras, Bijou

Drinks tested: Eve, Diana, Godmother

check out the photos from the meeting & the essay "Cherchez la femme"

Meeting was called to a semblance of order once everyone had arrived and (if necessary) been assigned an Easter Bonnet.

First order of business was ooohing and awwwing over our inclusion in the Spring 2002 issue of (thank goddess its back!) Bust Magazine. Props were given to Whiskey Daisy who got in touch with them last year.

The second order of business was depressing: to officially declare a cocktail extinct. In planning the party, Black Monday tried to find a drink ingredient, Crme De Violette. Research concluded that State Liquor Stores in Pennsylvania no longer carry this liqueur. Thus, due to destruction of its natural habitat, LUPEC must declare the Arsenic and Old Lace extinct in Pennsylvania. Brandy mentioned the lack of Matuse in state stores and discussion turned to the decoupage possibilities of matuse bottles.

A move was made to assign parties for the upcoming months. The Barbelles stepped up to the plate, with Firefly requesting May and Dark and Stormy asking for December. The December request resulted in brief discussion of the possibility of LUPEC participating in Pittsburgh's First Night Celebration. The general idea of LUPEC hosting a Mocktail Party with a Speakeasy theme was outlined. No significant action was taken but no one shot the idea out of the water, either. Whiskey Daisy tentatively took June and Bijou was penciled in for August. April will mark The Return of the Squirrel for that month's party.

Compliments were given to Sapphitini and Squirrel for their great work on the redesign of the website. Monday sent out a reminder to all that text for the site would be welcome, especially more bar reviews.

Whiskey Daisy brought up the idea of LUPEC supporting Animal Friends, Pittsburgh's no-kill shelter. It was agreed that WD would look into it and report back. It was agreed we all like kitties.

Impromptu entertainment ensued when Monday mentioned finding a videotape featuring her Mom and Aunts discussing menstruation for an eventually abandoned documentary one of Monday's friends was working on a few years ago. The party stopped in its tracks to listen to three 70some year old ladies talk about their menstrual cycles, their mother's menstrual cycle, and what it was like dealing with menstrual logistics and the stigma on a farm in Belden, Ohio and in a Children's Home in Oberlin, Ohio, back in the 30's and 40s. It was agreed that Monday's Mom is cute.

Drinks were passed around and rated. Highest scores of the day went to the labor-intensive but lovely Eve.

The video was reluctantly turned off and eggs were dyed. Madras, especially, displayed a fierce talent for this genre. The party dispersed with the arrival of the screwdrivers and plans to meet back at Mondays on Friday to have Marlene Dietriches before going down the street and see "The Blue Angel" at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. Brandy left a pile of her rockstar feather boas for us to wear to the show.

End of Party, beginning of Spring: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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