Meeting Minutes
March 24, 2002
Hostess: Black Monday

In Attendance: Brandy "YAFG" Alexander, Sapphitini,
Whiskey Daisy, Firefly, Dark and Stormy, Madras, Bijou

Drinks tested: Eve, Diana, Godmother

check out the minutes from the meeting & the essay "Cherchez la femme"


The Altar

Altar Shot #2

Is that a Minoan Snake Goddess cake? Of course it is!

Feminists looking feminine in their lovely egg-decorating aprons.

All of our eggs in one basket.

The signs of spring, fertility, and rebirth -- eggs, bunnies, and Bust magazine!

Ghost Eggs.

Egg decorating.

Firefly be-aproned.

Mama and Eve -- TFF (true friends forever)

The whole LUPEC bunch.


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