Cocktails Spotlighted: Pink Passion Punch, Fish House Punch, West Indian Punch
In attendance: Black Monday, Brandy "You're a Fine Girl" Alexander, Whiskey Daisy, Sapphire de Bombay
Hostesses: Grasshopper, Pink Squirrel PS I Love You

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Cocktail Recipes:


1/3 gallon orange juice
1 1/3 cups lemon juice
2/3 quarts soda
1 cup Grenadine
1 quart Vodka

1. Mix well.
2. Pour over ice.

From Punches with a Kick



1/2 liter dark rum
12 oz. fresh-squeezed lemon juice
375 ml cognac
2 oz. peach brandy
1/3 lb. superfine sugar
20 oz. water

1. Heat some of the water (but not to boiling) and add the sugar to dissolve it. Let the mixture cool. Blend in lemon juice and the remaining water.
2. Add the liquor 2-3 hours before serving, and refrigerate. Serve in chilled glasses; garnish with orange slices, cherries or both.
3. Regret that you have but one life to enjoy this concoction.

From My Prime Time

"Fish House Punch"

by W. Blake Gray

Fish House Punch has been around since back when that name actually sounded appetizing. Along with the Revolution, this cocktail was one of the best ideas fomented in Philadelphia in the 1700s, as a standby at the oddly named State in Schuylkill Fishing Club, at which George Washington was a welcome guest.

Though it looks tropical, Fish House Punch is meant to soothe the angst of Valley Forge winter howling outside the door. It's made in large quantities to be consumed with one's club mates. Since we would rather crawl up a flight of stairs than stagger home through a blizzard, we like to serve this one on a night when our guest rooms are fully aired out.

The down side of Fish House Punch is the time required to make it. This classic cocktail dates from an age when men of a certain class had little to do beyond powder their wigs and make appropriate payments to servant girls, though we would not want to imply anything about George Washington. We are sure his wig was completely au naturel.



4 cups light rum
1.5 cup crème de banane
2 cups lemon juice
2 cups pineapple juice
2 cups orange juice
1/3 cup sugar
1/2 t. nutmeg
1/2 t. cinnamon
1/4 t. cloves
3 oz. club soda

1. Dissolve the sugar and spice in the club soda and pour into punch bowl over a block of ice.
2. Add the remaining ingredients, garnish with fruit slices.
3. Serve in punch cups.

From Bar None Drink Recipes


Hors d'oeuvres Recipes:


2 medium size avocados, halved
1 T lemon juice
1 garlic clove, halved
3/4 C dry white wine
3 C shredded Edam cheese
2 t cornstarch
1/3 C sour cream

To Serve: French bread, red and green bell pepppers and cured dried beef (bresaola) [we used turkey and prosciutto]

1. Scoop flesh from avocados into a bowl and mash with lemon juice until smooth.

2. Rub inside of fondue pot with cut garlic clove. Pour in wine and heat until bubbly. Over low heat stir in cheese and cook until melted.

3. In a small bowl blend cornstarch and sour cream. Add this and the mashed avaocados to the cheese mixture. Continue to cook, stirring, 4 to 5 minutes or until thick and smooth.

Makes about 6 servings.



1/4 C butter
1 lb mushrooms, finely chopped
2 garlic cloves, crushed
2/3 C vegetable broth
1 T cornstarch
salt and pepper
dash cayenne pepper

To serve: cubes of cheese and thick-sliced cold cuts

1. Melt butter in a medium size saucepan, add mushrooms and garlic and saute over medium heat for 10 minutes.

2. Add broth and simmer 10 minutes. Cool slightly then puree in a blender or food processor.

3. Blend a protion of the whipping cream with cornstarch in fondue pot. Simmer over medium heat until thickened. Season with salt, pepper, and cayenne.

Makes 4 to 6 servings.

Note: Both recipes were doubled. Source: The Book of Fondues. HPBooks, 1988.

First Order of Business:
Taste-testing drink
Reactions to PINK PASSION PUNCH (average 3.75)

Black Monday: Maybe it's the utter lovliness of the punch fountain but I'm in LUST with this barbiet [sic] Pink Punch. No grapefruit but you'd never know it.
Brandy "YAFG" Alexander: Tastes like grapefruit, but there ain't no grapefruit!! It's a magical punch! [4]
Grasshopper: Lovely, feminine, bubbly, mabe a bit more citrussy [sic] camoflage for the punch it possesses. [3.5]
Pink Squirrel PSILY: The love, joy, the frosty pink passion. How I adore thee [3.5]
Sapphire de Bombay: I was only introduced to the idea of Punch as an alcoholic drink recently. I feel a letter coming on to the Southern Baptist Convention to allow drinking alcohol in the church. That would have made many a reception in the Fellowship hall much more tolerable. YES! Also - this drink inspired much talk about tampons . . .
Whiskey Daisy: This should be served at all punch-appropriate occasions -- will make baby showers and such much nicer. Love the fountain. [4]

Mention: Black Monday's wrist corsage -- and her difficulty explaining -- getting through to the florist exactly what she wanted as she had had a wrist corsage at her high school [prom].

Second Order of Business:
Taste-testing drink
Reactions to FISH HOUSE PUNCH (average 3.3)

Black Monday: George Washington may have liked this punch but he didn't have any teeth either. Beautiful presentation. Great history. but slightly underwhelming. [2.5]
Brandy "YAFG" Alexander: Tastes like peaches, but there ain't no peaches! Really strong - scares me how much I like it (it's like Nick Cave that way!) [4]
Grasshopper: Whale of a punch. ...full strength; more bread cubes [3]
Pink Squirrel PSILY: If all Fish Houses tasted this peachy keen! [3.5]
Sapphire de Bombay: Or fondly, "MONKEY PUNCH" -- it's okay. I'll be having another. Yes.
Whiskey Daisy: WOW! This is kicking my Ass! But tasty. I'd have to be very careful with this. [3.5]

Black Monday: Date wanted to dance - Stevie Nicks Gunnie Sax. No hemline/handkerchief hem. Drug deal. Maroon Tuxedo -- Doug G. (made out with Vickie G. [a lot of hair - crunchy blonde]). Chorus line opalescent pink lip gloss. Stuck his thumb in it - pulled down a balloon and attempted to draw Pete Townsend's face on it.

He couldn't get a job at school -- food service -- he wouldn't wear one of those hats. (He's so gay.) (He's definitely gay.)

Kyle S., Kyle M. Out. Gay.

Sapphire de Bombay: Chad G. 8th grade. ICH. Indep. chicks of Hattiesburg. Chicks is disrespectful.

Sadie Hawkins. Social dances. Off the wall. 1st dance. Brick textured background. 8th grade -- fell out of favor with popular group. Went from somethin' to nuthin' . 12th grade -- this is about to end, we should start talking to people.

Blue bridesmaid dress from sister's wedding. Left. Ate chips, dip, soda. Didn't kiss. A friendship date.

Pink Squirrel PSILY: Friend was her date. 14 inches taller than her. She got the band. Psychedelic Furs, Cure..."Killing an Arab." Brother bought her two bottles of wine. Drank one herself. Attempting to walk but not able. Woke up the next am with legs up on dashboard. Hands between legs in parking lot of Denny's. Several pictures. 1st drunk.

Third Order of Business:
Taste-testing drink
Reactions to WEST INDIAN PUNCH (average 3.6)

Black Monday: Brandy's right! It tastes like cake! Cake in a punch cup! 5! 5! 5! [5]
Brandy "YAFG" Alexander: Tastes like cake, but it ain't cake! Love the nutmeg! I give it a [3].
Grasshopper: Spicy creamcicle kind of longing. Excellent ice ring. Refreshing summer cooler. [4]
Pink Squirrel PSILY: Spicy, cakey, yummy banane. [3.5]
Sapphire de Bombay:
Whiskey Daisy: Tasty. Banana-y. But a little too sweet. [2.5]

Other Business:

1. Men's Auxilliary - PUPEC? (Patriarchy United for the ....)

Purpose: to raise money for LIMO to drive us to the Friends of LUPEC party?

2. Naming the drink: Stefanie Kwolak accidently discovered Kevlar, the fabric from which bullet-proof vests are made. She was a graduate in "science" from CMU. She was working for DuPont when she accidently discovered the compound, and so although she is recognized as its inventor, she never received money for her discovery.

The accident was thus; she was trying to create a strong substance, something clear, but when the ingredients were mixed together, the substance was

- cloudy and
- 5 times stronger than she expected it to be.

So, the drink that we'd like created should be called the "Bullet-Proof
Vest." The requirements are:

- the drink should look "cloudy"
- the drink should be 5 times stronger than you expect it to be,
and for that reason
- the drink should be small.

Ideally, the drink will be garnished with a cherry (get it)?

3. Friends of LUPEC party (on a Saturday). Members only from 3-5. Happy hour from 5-7 when drink will be spotlighted.

Problem with CMU/archive not letting us use it?

4. After the first of year, expand to 12?

5. Hostess has to dress? (So much work)

6. Sheryl will host a field trip to the Suburban Room in Dormont

Best Pop Song ever -

Black Monday: "Driver's Seat" by Sniff N the Tears
Brandy "YAFG" : "Burnin' Love" Elvis
Pink Squirrel PSILY: "Cruel to Be Kind" Nick Lowe

Perfect Prom Tune according to Brandy "YAFG" Alexander: "I Won't Forget You" by Poison

Whiskey Daisy's "Man Fan"



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