LUPEC asks...

 Which Witch Is




Match the Witch's name with her or his description.

Eliphaba Thropp


A. Mother of Dianic, or feminist witchcraft



B. Prolific author, proclaimed himself to be THE BEAST



C. British traditional witch who gave up her antiques business rather than disavow her witchcraft practice

Selena Fox


D. Greek witch who turned men into animals



E. Author of the Spiral Dance, proponent of Goddess Spirituality and earth religion

Baba Yaga


F. Cursed Princess Aurora(Sleeping Beauty) to prick her finger on a spinning wheel on her 16th birthday and die

Z Budapest


G. Spell loving, Darrin-hating Mother on Bewitched



H. The Good Witch who helps Dorothy get home to Kansas

Laurie Cabot


I. The Wicked Witch of the West, according to the novel by Gregory Macguire



J. Young girl who must Escape to Witch Mountain to avoid the evil millionaire Aristotle Bolt—she's really an alien

Sybil Leek


K. Teen Witch—"take this ya'll, take that ya'll"

Alex Sanders


L. Lesbian wiccan sidekick o f TV's Buffy The Vampire Slayer



M. Angela Lansbury's neophyte witch character in Disney's "Bedknobs and Broomsticks"



N. The little witch who helps kidnap Santa Claus in "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Albertus Magnus


O. Russian folk witch who rides around the forest in a mortar and pestle instead of a broom

Eglantine Price


P. Prolific and funny author, champion of Druids and Neopaganism



Q. Catholic Saint who was a practicing magician and finder of the "philosopher's stone"

Tia Malone


R. Salem witch trial victim who was pressed to death—he refused to plead innocent OR guilty

Isaac Bonewits


S. Founder of Circle Sanctuary—a pagan nature preserve and site for gatherings in Wisconsin

Giles Corey


T. "Official Witch of Salem"-started the Witches League for Public Awareness  which functions as an anti-defamation group for Wiccans and Pagans

Aleister Crowley


U. Self proclaimed "King of the Witches"