hostess: Whisky Daisy
in attendance: Black Monday, PSPSILY, Sapphitini, Brandy YAFG Alexander
special appearances by Armando, EBE(??), and Mr Black Monday
also see images from the the party

LUPEC ADVISORY: Neither wine nor cheese can be considered a cocktail. All the wine and cheese at this LUPEC event was, however, made by women. Please refer to Article 5 in the LUPEC Articles of Incorporation and Deportment.

No Male Vintners or Cheesemakers were harmed in the making of this party.

All ladies arrived dressed primarily in black. BLACK=FORMAL. Everyone looked lovely. Whisky Daisy put out an AMAZING SPREAD--gorgeous silver candles, big balloons, wine goblets with handpainted daisies, beautiful trays of fruit and cheese and crackers. It was all very elegant.

I did a pisspoor job of taking conversational notes (ladies? help?) but the main themes I remember were: CATS, CATS, stories about cats, playing
with the cats, living in trailers, a little business, a little about David Sedaris, more cats, catching up on each other's lives, talking about social and work related successes and failures, and more cats. We dispensed some advice and handed around general warm fuzzies.

Pink Squirrel PSILY and Brandy YAFG Alexander had a few smoking breaks on the porch.

By the end of the afternoon some of us had our shoes off and were sitting on the floor with wine glasses balanced on knees. It was a lovely LUPEC afternoon---a balance of classy elegance and comfortable hangin with the gals. Just perfect.

Also did a pisspoor job of taking notes about the cheese. I am hoping that Whisky Daisy can provide a cheese list and information for us. We sampled many varieties all made by WOMEN! The favorite seemed to be the one shaped like a MASTABA (Black Monday--please correct spelling) even though it was horrifyingly blue black and green to behold. Yummy.

We discussed the relative merits of different types of crackers--Carr's Wheat Biscuits seem to be the hands down favorite for cheese snacking. We also enjoyed several varieties of WINE JELLIES made by some of the vinters. These were delightful with cream cheese on a delicate cracker. I especially liked the rose one since it was so dang PINK.

The evening ended with coffee and bathrobe pictures around the stainless coffeemaker. Daisy presented us with delightful party favors in the form of wine glasses with little laughing cow cheeses and decorative cheese spreaders in them. Several of the ladies adjorned to see David Sedaris. We all left bubbly and happy.

That Whisky Daisy is one classy gal.


LUPEC presence at the Beaux Arts Ball opening party (Nov 2nd, 2001)--pink passion punch and cakes and business cards and informational brochures and buttons.

ARTS AND CRAFTS at Whisky Daisy's house to make tiaras and signs for the table

NOVEMBER MEETING-- Sirens of the Silver Screen Cocktails. November 18th, 4pm, at the home of Brandy YAFG Alexander

BIG PARTY IN DECEMBER--tentative Dec 15th at Lava Lounge 3pm for us. 4pm for the public--invitation only? Mark S as possible entertainment? top three drinks of the year highlited. T SHIRTS!

Lovely Ladies of LUPEC calendars! Squirrel suggested that we keep the party LABOR UNINTENSIVE for ourselves. Hear hear.

Discussed changing our signature drink so as not to be traceable back to CMU. The jury is still out on this one.....

WEBHOSTING--no to free telerama as we can not have our own domain.

A few other options checked out. New list serve for group emails??

*Most of this business has already transpired as of this writing. I include it here merely for archival purposes.


#1-White Jade (2000) from Franklin Hill Vineyards (Bangor, PA)

BA-light and fruity with no sour aftertaste--I like it! 4

BM-very light, vaguely sweet but still dry enough for me to like 4

ST-I'm not a big fan of the white wine, but this one is quite nice. It's dry, crisp and gone! 4

PS-white wine...scary,,sweet but not this. Rejoice the women vinters-and the birth of Jade!4.5

WD-tasty, not too sweet, summery 4

#2-Chardonnay (1999) from Galen Glen Vineyards (Andreas, PA)--the big partiers

BA-more dry--this is more like the whites I like less 3

PS-I liked the "sweetness" of the other. Dry, very dry. 3

BM-Dry wine is good wine 4

ST-I don't know anymore, all I can taste is the moustaba cheese. It was fine 3

WD-I like the buttery flavor. A bit strong/harsh but the dryness can be refreshing

#3-Chambourcin from Galen Glen Vineyards (Andreas, PA)

BA-dark, smoky--real acidy on the tongue 4

PS- that's a ballsy one, there! 4

BM-strange, but-strange 3

ST-dry, crisp wine,,not very warming, but okay and oakey 3.5

WD-Oakey! very rich oh so tasty 4

#4- DeChaunac from Franklin Hill Vineyards (Bangor, PA)

BA-way too acidic--it makes me pucker(not in a good way) 2

BM-wait--i blinked--I am still drinking the other red wine

ST-why am I still here? 5 (ed note--for the company, not the wine)

PS-like a jolly rancher without the sugar 2.5

WD-I can't believe that I bought this..sorry girls 2

#5-Cherry Wine from Manatawny Creek Vineyards (Douglassville, PA) --really cool people

BA-tastes like soda pop--I like it even though Squirrel really doesn't 3

PS-well, first of all, I hate Nyquill. I mean, even if my head weighs 300 pounds from sinus buildup, I GAG when I drink Nyquill, That being said I'm NOT (9 underlines!!) a fan of the Cherry Wine -

BM-pay no attention to the Squirrel with the sinus infection..cherry wine is GREAT! It's what I should have had to drink before going to prom-if I was drinking then. The first couple sips may have been nyquillesque but after that--its GREAT 5

ST-If this had been the first drink of the day, I would have left the party. But, because it was the last one, I drank it anyway. OY, was that sweet!

WD-OOOH, sweet. A bit much but tasty 3

#6-sparkling Wine from Manatawny Creek Vineyards (Douglassville, PA)

BA-dry--has a weird smell. I think it would make me too drunk 3

BM--too drunk for what? I'm at the point where too drunk may not be drunk enough. Very Dry and crisp--I like very much 5

ST-sparkling wine: I object and abstain NO

PS-Hops, skips, and jumps down my throat! 4.5

WD-tasty! sparkling and dry. Yum. I'm glad that I have two more bottles! 4