hostess: Whisky Daisy
in attendance: Black Monday, PSPSILY, Sapphitini, Brandy YAFG Alexander
special appearances by Armando, EBE(??), and Mr Black Monday
also see minutes from the party

LUPEC ADVISORY: Neither wine nor cheese can be considered a cocktail. All the wine and cheese at this LUPEC event was, however, made by women. Please refer to Article 5 in the LUPEC Articles of Incorporation and Deportment.

No Male Vintners or Cheesemakers were harmed in the making of this party.

A lovely spread laid out by Whiskey Daisy.

The hostess.

Wines from Pennsylvania vineyards that employ women vintners
-- Manatawby Creek, Franklin Hill, and Galen Glen.

Cheeses by Cowgirl Creamery, Rustling Wind, and ??. Wine Jellies by Galen Glen Winery.

Goats Leap was our hand's down favorite -- thanks Cowgirl Creamery. Note the "mastaba" shape of that cheese.

Black Monday looking delicious in her signature color.

Sapphitini noting the quality of the drink.

Hostess Whiskey Daisy wrestles with another bottle (we drank 6)!

LUPEC Ladies share the love for the new coffee maker.

And then there were five -- Black Monday, Sapphitini, Whiskey Daisy, Brandy "Your A Fine Girl" Alexander, Pink Squirrel PS I Love You.