Hostess: Brandy "You're a Fine Girl" Alexander"
In attendance: BM, PSPSILY, S, WD

Drinks: Marlene Dietrich, Sophia Loren, Mae West

Appetizers: Caviar, Smoked salmon, and all the fixin's that go along with them (capers, onions, sour cream, toast, and yummy cheese), and home-made meringues

Brandy's advice about baking meringues:

"DON'T DO IT!! IT'S NOT WORTH IT! No matter how happy they make people, it is NOT worth the pain and suffering involved. Trying to make meringues will break your spirit and ruin your self confidence forever. However, if you feel you MUST make meringues (if you are like one of those "dont look in the basement/I must look in the basement" girls) the most important piece of advice I can give is: INVEST IN THE PARCHMENT PAPER. It seems silly, but it will make all the difference in the world. RECIPE (this is not the one I used, but it is similar. Cream of tartar seems to help stiffen up the meringues but you are going to be whipping them for a long long time no matter what, so leave it out unless you happen to have some.) Also, they are pretty with a little food coloring added while you beat em. Also, get plenty drunk before you try to make meringues or else arrange to have a handsome boy around to rub your shoulders and coo encouraging words to you while you whip egg whites for well over half an hour. Then have another drink and a hot bath."

It is not just beauty that makes a Siren -- they've got to be quippy, brainy, sassy, and all-around savvy ladies, too. Read more about and from Sophia, Marlene, and Mae -- three of the great Sirens -- at these links:

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Black Monday(BM): this is a sneaky drink--it looks like it would be sweet or syrupy, but it is more bracing, like a Manhattan. I would definitely order this for a good 2 hour over drink conversation (4)

Whisky Daisy(WD) It definitely smells great. Taste is a bit strong, but nice sweetish finish. (3.5)

Sapphitini(S): lovely drink---while not angelic, it is quite heavenly. Warming, pretty, strong-like its namesake.

PSPSILY:beautiful color-lovely glass-looks like a gem. Not a goody two shoes drink, though-which explains the
name. (3.5) PS I'm not in much of a mood tonight.

BYAFGA:oh marlene, so beautiful, so strong, so deadly. She is definitely rockin my world.(4)


BM: at the corner of grapefruit juice and baby aspirin-(2.5)

BYAFGA: Oh sophia ILOVEYOU! Magic how you combine orange juice and campari to make grapefruit juice! (5)

WD:OOOOH! I want many of these! Oh, my 2nd 5! This is de-lish! Grapefruity! and yummy!

S: oh, my goodness. Wonderful drink! bitters turns orange juice into grapefruit? Magic!(5)

PSPSILY grapefruit. That seems appropriate. Sophia Loren. Eh eh eh eh (3.5)


PSPSILY: full bodied and "spicy" (4) WD: ummmm tasty but a bit much (3.50) HOWEVER, the meringues!!!!!!!

S: this drink is no yoke, ha ha. Thank goodness for Mae West, but goodness had nothing to do with it (4.5)

BYAFGA:I expected a drink that tasted like sex, and that is what I got. MMMMMM (5)


quote of the evening:
"anything less than Bombay Sapphire should be considered a Pine-Sol based liquor"