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101 American Favorite Cocktails


All things cocktail!
Anne Taintor, Inc. - cool coasters, magnets, and notebooks (woman-owned)


Bombshell Cocktails
Bust Magazine: For women with something to get off their chests


Carolyn Heinze (from the site: "The focal point of CarolynHeinze.com is Carolyn's weekly column ≠ an honest showcase of the writer's opinions on current events, trends, controversial issues and political decisions, and how they affect the average individual.")
Cocktail Candy
The Cocktail Collection (including the cocktail screensaver)

Cocktail Database
A Cocktail Time Line

Cocktail Times: History, Recipes, Tips for the Professional and not-so-Professional
Cocktail.Com: Cocktails, Miss Cocktail (not her real name), and the Cocktail Shop
Corsets HQ: categorized resource directory for everything about corsets.


Deviant Goods: Cranky Crafts and Art with Attitude (much thanks for our lovely knit "L's")
Disgruntled Housewife: Your Guide to Modern Living and Intersex Relationships
Drinkmail: Send a "drinkmail," including some of the most tacky drink photos ever
Drinknation - Drink recipes, bartending, and games


The Gobbler: It's a bar, It's a motel, It's a turkey!!!
Grainbag: online gallery
Guerrilla Girls: Your Cultural Conscience


Herbs and Spices - Pittsburgh Caterers (doin' it LUPEC style)
How did drinks get their names?


Mable's.com: fine cocktail accoutrements
Madgeworld.com: Purses galore!
Make Mine a 007 . . .
Mamarama.net: Dontcha wanna Mama?

Mary Cappaert: Artist (our favorite Madison-based artist)
The Morning News


Naughty Kitty's Favorite Cocktails
Not Martha


Ohio Prohibition Campaign Advertisements << new >>
Out of the Frying pan: Cocktail ABCs


Peach Berzerk: Cool Clothes and Serious Business Ladies
Pin-Up Girls, Vintage Nudes and Retro Beauty's LiveJournal


Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)


Sex Workers' Art Show
The Soap Box Girls
The Sound of Music Drinking Game

Straydog Inc. The Arnolds' Happy Home for Strays. A No-Kill Dog Shelter << new >>


Vintage Cocktail Recipe Books


The Webtender
Womenís Resource Center (WRC) [Pittsburgh, PA]

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