Any bitch with a million dollars and a nice dress
can be a great hostess in Washington.

— Perle Mesta


Field Trip to the Suburban Room,
Dormont, PA

Hostess: Brandy "You're A Fine Girl" Alexander.
Others in attendance: Whiskey Daisy, Black Monday, Pink Squirrel PS I Love You, Sapphire de Bombay

Note: The notes taken at this event were minimal. LUPEC attendees are requested to add their comments to this page.

Located in the Pittsburgh suburb of Dormont, PA, the Suburban Room has been around for a long, long time. This is evident from the interior and exterior decor of the bar, which can be viewed in the photos on the left. Especially lovely were the aluminum handles (sadly, the photos did not come out) on the entryway doors and the wallpaper in the ladies room.

Drinks tested, round one:
Brandy YAFG Alexander: Tom Collins
Whiskey Daisy & Black Monday: Manhattans
Pink Squirrel PS I Love You: Jameson on the rocks

Initially, it should be added, that BYAFG ordered a Brandy Alexander, but the bartender did not have cream. Another patron (unrelated to LUPEC) offered to go and buy cream but the bartender said "no, it would just spoil."

"Okay, upon my arrival, I ordered a Side Car. The drink he brought me was white. I was scared. Should have been amber in color, and served up with no ice blended into it..." —Sapphy, September 18, 2001

Responses to drinks were positive, except for Sapphy and her Sidecar, which she stated tasted more like a margarita. "There should have been sugar on the rim of the drink," she explained, "but it tasts as though the sugar has been blended into the drink." (Sidecar recipe from Sapphy writes about the experience, "I ordered a Sidecar. The bartender brought it to me. It was white. I was scared."

Note: Notes taken at this event are in no particular order because they were written on cocktail napkins (as Pink Squirrel PSILY had forgotten the official LUPEC notebook -- again!!).

Quoted: "Brandy YAFG Alexander is cat nip these days." She was picked up by a guy who thought she was someone else. He felt so badly about having bothered her that he asked her out on a date -- to a picnic that George Bush would be attending!

Response: "I get around too, babe, okaaaay?" and "What's good for the goose is good for the goose."

--- Sapphy

It must be added that although the coffee maker incident really pissed off Whiskey Daisy, she did not cry. Anyway, her new one is made of stainless steel.

Whiskey Daisy and Black Monday finished Sapphy's Sidecar, and enjoyed it very much.

Note: Although the pretzels were soggy, by round two, it didn't matter.

Black Monday passed out copies of Jo Ann Beard's The Boys of My Youth.

Brandy YAFG Alexander gave us the low-down on the J.Lo. and Carey situation. Apparently, Carey's ex "leaked the beat." Carey, then, went "crazy," throwing ice cream into the audience at MTV Live (or something like that).

Second Round Drinks:
Pink Squirrel PSILY: Rob Roy (with sweet vermouth -- next time she'll definitely have it dry)

Note: a nice, but surprising touch, added to many of the drinks was the sour maraschino cherry. A cherry bomb if ever there was one.

  • The LUPEC Yard Sale has been scheduled for September 29 and 30. A slumber party for LUPEC members will be held at Black Monday's home on the night of September 28, the night before the first day of the yard sale.
  • The next LUPEC event, "Would you like some cheese with that wine?", has been rescheduled for Sunday, October 21 at 4:00pm.
  • LUPEC Seattle discussed.

You have to leave room in life to dream (Buffy Sainte-Marie): Black Monday's dream business would involve the following -- boutique, revival theater, a groovy bar, and an upscale cosmetics counter. Sapphy would like the bar/boutique combo as well.

A visit from a friendly admirer and member of Sugar Daddy and the Big Boned Girls recommended we try the Golden Cadillac, which, we were assured, they did very well at the Suburban Room. Our guest ordered four for the group. Alas, this too included cream as a required ingredient -- and so we were unable to test it.

Our guest also recommended that we get to know Perle Mesta and her connection to Pittsburgh. Apparently, either she or her husband (or both?) are buried at Homewood Cemetery in Pittsburgh.

A favorite quote by Perle Mesta (provided by our guest):

"Any bitch with a million dollars and a nice dress can be a great hostess in Washington."

The evening ended. We left our card for the bartender so that he knew we had "graced" his presence. Then, before getting into our car (we have a designated driver), we stopped for a photograph in front of the Suburban Room's neighbor, Lighting by Erik.

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