LUPEC members have many hidden talents that are often called upon for the cause. Need bartenders? We got 'em. Caterers? Yep. Tapdancers and Tarot Readers? 1 and 2 of each respectively. And as the LUPEC tapdancer is on sabbatical, the Tarot readers stepped up to the plate for LUPEC's final Women's History Month 2003 Event: Queens of the Tarot Frontier.

LUPEC members Brandy "You're a Fine Girl" Alexander and Black Monday dusted off both their Tarot Decks and their Junior High School Competitive Streak to offer free readings at Memphis Lounge above Zythos Bar on Pittsburgh's South Side. The pupose of the evening was to honor the artists who created the two most popular Tarot decks; Pamela Colman Smith and Lady Frieda Harris. Honoring these two artists is very necessary as neither has her name directly applied to the deck she created. Lady Harris created The Thoth Tarot, known most commonly by the man who commissioned it, Aleister Crowley. Smith created the Rider-Waite deck, which derives its name from its first publisher (Rider) and Smith's fellow Order of the Golden Dawn Member and "creative director" of the deck, A.E. Waite. LUPEC felt it was high time to draw attention to the women who actually created the compelling images of both best-selling decks.

Plus, tips for the LUPEC kitty-well, who can argue?

Memphis Lounge was a great setting with nice tables, fancy chairs, and lighting that was just right. Special thanks go to Elaine who made sure we had all the ingredients for the thematic drinks of the night. It was a successful evening in many ways: the event brought a lot of people into Memphis who had never been there before, Brandy and Monday read for a good number of folks who were first-timers as far as card readings go. Most satisfying for LUPEC, people actually READ THE BIOGRAPHIES of Smith and Harris and asked questions about the cards and their artists. AND they ordered the drink specials. LUPEC is proud to say that reintroduction of the Opal Hush was extremely successful and it was the best selling drink of the evening.

Whiskey Daisy kept the whole operation running smoothly and the three hours set aside for readings went quickly. It would be unladylike to discuss how much we made but, suffice it to say, the tips paid for the 1940s Women's History Party at Kellys and all the photocopies for the Tarot Night. Also, let it be on record that Monday made $9 more dollars in tips than Brandy.

Who's the Alpha Dog? Monday's the Alpha Dog!

And for those of you who didn't make it out: we have lots of propaganda left over and Elaine said "We should do this again!"

Go on, Elaine-twist our arms…



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