Whiskey Daisy
I like my mousy brown hair, really.

Always a skirt, typically black or plaid. In summer with white anklets and black oxford shoes in winter with DKNY black tights and clunky heels. I'm frequently overdressed. I wear a suit to work although it's not required.

Summer: vodka tonic. Winter: Jack & Coke.
Cheese - with anything.
Anything catchy, I like to sing along when drunk. I'll recite the entire Beastie Boys "License to Ill" cd if I've had enough.
Apparently my dad thought it was funny to put a bottle nipple on a beer bottle, but I don't remember that. I had always been allowed to "taste" beer at home, so there weren't really any childhood incidents. My first real drinking experience was with Ouzo that my high school friends brought back from Greece. Good choice, huh?
The USA Trilogy by Dos Passos
Valley Girl, Henry Fool, Dancer in the Dark, The Godfather, White Palace (oh, there are so many more)
My kitties, Armando-Toro and Ebi.
I could have used a shovel at my last job, as I had to clean out an entire closet of outdated marketing materials. It would have also come in handy to whack the partner who would talk to my breasts and try to look up my skirt when I walked up the stairs.
Mom, my dad's sisters, Hillary, Madonna, Exene Cervenkova, the women at Peach Berserk in Toronto, the women at Bust.
Yes, I am most certainly a feminist. I feel that being a feminist is all about equality. If we were to truly be equal, all other issues would fall into place. We need to get past the old clichés regarding feminists and women^Òs rights. Feminists are not all lesbians, we can wear make-up, we can choose to be housewives, we do not hate men. These are not the things that make you (or exclude you from being) a feminist. A basic belief in the equality of men and women is what makes you a feminist. If this how you feel, please go forth and proclaim proudly, "am a feminist." And tell all your friends, too.


LUPEC means that I have a terrific bunch of girl friends who I can count on seeing at least once a month (therefore eliminating that irritating habit of making loose plans and never following-up) for tasty drinks, yummy snacks, great conversations that always teach me something, and a feeling of being connected to and involved with people who fun, beautiful, interesting and intelligent.


My bar would have a big scary bouncer who stands behind me while I tell people I don't like that they can't come in, Studio 54-style. Eventually (s)he would know my preferences and I could go in and enjoy myself without worrying about feeling uncomfortable or irritated in my own place.

I'd love to have a non-smoking bar, but as we are not in California, I'll have to settle for finding some extra-super heavy-duty air cleaners. There would be lots of dark wood and tall booths (like the Squirrel Cage used to have). The bathrooms will be clean and well-stocked.

My friends would have special passes to get drink discounts. I'd have an ever-changing snack menu using recipes from my vintage entertaining books.

I'd have a small dance floor and a dj a few nights a week. Since this is my fantasy bar, people will come for "B-Side 80s Music Night" and "Good Techno-Dance Night" and nights when there is a strange dress code like everyone has to wear plaid or secret no-beer night when anyone orders a beer bells go off and everyone laughs, a-la Pee Wee's Playhouse secret word. I would put Black Monday in charge of the jukebox contents for nights without a dj.

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