True Trixie
Dark brown
Darker brown

On a good day, I love lots of color and sparkles! On a bad day, anything with a loose waistband.

Angels on Horseback
Whatever is evocative of the place -- or the host/hostess's style.
Communion wine. I mean really. On my knees, the cup held to my lips. What chance did I have?
Mrs. Dalloway
Babette's Feast (mmmm....and when I'm feeling misanthropic, lots of horror movies....grrrowl).
Antique roses
Honey, I've got a golden shovel, forged through childhood.
Angela Carter, Ellen Ripley (who says they all have to be real?).
Absolutely. It means being conscious of the world we live in.
LUPEC means subverting the alienation of the modern world.

My fantasy bar would be similar to the Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills Hotel; perhaps crossed with the bar in The Gold Room in
"The Shining." It would be a place of perfectly crafted drinks. And it would be the kind of place that Dominick Dunne would learn of the best stories of intrigue, mayhem, and eccentricity.

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