Sapphire de Bombay
red, white and blue. Mostly the latter.
only my hairdresser knows for sure...
anything by Chanel, or from the Goodwill.
Bombay Sapphire Gin
Martin Denny

My mother and I went to our family veterinarian's wedding. They served champagne at this wedding. I was in high school. The wedding was on a Sunday. I had never had alcohol before. I had never been at a wedding where alcohol was served. My mother said it was okay for me to have a glass. I had a glass. The couple left the reception in a hot air balloon. I left with a headache. I had to write a book report that night.

Oh, wait. I remember once going to a cousin's wedding when I was about six. There was a bar at the reception. I saw that they were
serving "Shirley Temples" and wanted one. My mother wouldn't let me have one. She didn't want me to partake of anything having to do
with the alcoholic culture. Even thinking about alcohol was as bad as partaking. You know, like Jimmy Carter lusting in his heart.
Sure, NOW I know that a Shirley Temple doesn't have alcohol in it. But I didn't know then. I thought it could make you just as loopy
as the next hootch.

Mothers are nothing but breathing contradictions. I need a drink...

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Blazing Saddles.

today she is Jackie Beat.
My uncle Shineola once said, "All you gotta eat is one turd, and you'll be labeled for life." Sure, I'm a feminist. But I loathe living under the binding nature of such definitions. If I must be labeled, I much prefer the term "Lady Drunk."
LUPEC means a chance for classy broads to gather together for good times, patriarchy overthrowing.

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