Brandy "You're a Fine Girl" Alexander
transitioning from blueberry to pomegranate (wish me luck..)
Mostly rock star attire---lots of silver, glitter, very high platform shoes. Occasionally the goth/dominatrix thing with the tuxedo pants and severe jackets. And the whips, don't forget the whips.
currently the mojito is my drink of choice--scotch and gingerale at the bar
crispy little cheese wafers, or hot artichoke dip
beer(not coors light): poison, ac/dc, iron maiden. beer(coors light): willie nelson and waylon jennings. cocktails: sarah vaughn or maybe portishead. wine: george harrison. mojitos or other rum drinks: cuban son or hip hop; GOOD reggae.
Synchronicity! My first alcohol related memory is also of my father handing me his coors can!! (see Pink Squirrel PSILY)
purple and black!! together, I mean.
Garden of Eden by Ernest Hemmingway
Siesta starring Ellen Barkin featuring Jodi Foster as a british socialite(oomPAH!)
howler monkey
all my jobs have involved a shovel, I am afraid.
Mae West, Sophia Loren, Catherine Deneuve, Celia Sanchez, Janis Joplin, Yoko Ono..somebody stop me!
I DO call myself a feminist, but much like WICCAN or PAGAN, the word suggests things to people that do not really fit. Right now I am dealing with the thought that feminist=humorless. No good! To me feminism connotes a respect and admiration for women. Not above men, not instead of men(although believe me sister, I went to Oberlin and I been all through that stuff) but as the simply wonderful unique creatures we are. Respecting each other's choices. Fighting for each other's rights, even in cases where there is no direct impact on our lives, but impact on the lives of other women. Watchin each other's back. Holdin each other's stall door in the ladies room. Lendin' lip gloss. You get the picture.
LUPEC is a secret fantasy hideaway where I get to hang with brilliant funny creative women and drink alcohol!! The best thing EVA! Sometimes even with cake!

Fantasy bar: lots of red velvet everywhere. huge overstuffed booths(EVERYONE gets to sit in a booth) Gaudy chandeliers. Impossibly cute waitstaff of all shapes sizes sexes and substrata. a variety of hip entertainment nightly---lots of rock and roll and poetry. full time tarot card reader on staff. many of the waitstaff trained in massage. drink specials by color (today is red day, all campari drinks are a dollar!) no crappy beer anywhere on the premises. You have to have a really good reason to order jagermeister shots.(some kind of celebration) Big giant burly doorman with a heart of gold who will toss any troublemakers out on their ass IMMEDIATELY.

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