Mostly blond

Something Black

I have to pick just one, how about top namesake Mandarin Madras, Bombay Sapphire Martini very VERY dirty & the standard Jack & Diet Coke
Anything including CHEESE!!
Depends on what I'm drinking, but usually something fun and up beat. Not necessary dancey but never played too loud that it inhibits you from hearing your friends talk, without them SCREAMING in your ear!
From as early as I can remember, my Pap and I do a shot every year of anise for good luck (we're Italian). Perhaps it wasn't always a shot, when I was little more like a taste. Anise is one of those drinks you either love or hate, in my case I love it because it reminds me of my Pap and of tradition.
On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, by the great Charles Darwin!
Clash of the Titans, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Steel Magnolias
Calla lily and anything I can't kill!
Rhinos and Weimaraners
When I was in college a fellow Anthropology student had what I thought was the COOLEST job. She wanted to join the ski team and asked me if I would work for her while she competed. I was THIRLLED!!!!

She worked in a primate lab (and before everyone gets nuts NO they didn't perform inhuman experiments on the animals, only blood tests). To get the readings the monkeys had to get exercise, in comes me. I ran monkeys on treadmills, yep just like at Bally's! The monkeys got exercise and sometimes tried to cheat (just like some of the people at Bally's) and the researchers got important data. As you can imagine these monkeys weren't potty trained and I had to CLEAN the treadmills, which is where the shovel came in!

I'm never sure how to answer this question. Do I believe in the power of women.... yes. Do I think that we should be equal.... yes. Do I think that all men suck and should be Do I shave my armpits…yes. Do I think that women should unite and support one another….yes. So you draw your own conclusions.

I would say that it means having other very similar and very different women to share drinks and camaraderie with. LUPEC stands for many things and means many things, much more than just cocktailing (NOT that that's a bad thing). More importantly, it stands for ladies and these ladies are funny, smart, interesting, eloquent but most of all FUN!
Swanky, and dimly lit with fantastic light fixtures, cool chairs and couches--maybe done in purple suede. The BAR, extremely well stocked--with EVERYTHING! The physical bar would be constructed from a funky material that was easy to clean (who wants to sit at a sticky bar?) There will be enough room to enjoy your drink and your conversation, comfortable chair/stools - with armrests and backs. And of course the fact that the bar can get the "ungetable" music acts. However the most crucial aspect is the bathrooms! They would have the most perfect lighting and vanity mirrors, and always be well stocked with supplies, maybe even disposable lipstick.

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