Brownish Black

Whatever fitsÖ usually involving a dress, a comfortable, hopefully stylish pair of open-toed shoes/sandals, hoop earrings, and the little silver Avon© choker with bright-red apple pendant that my mom gave me when I was eight. Love that thing. Purse optional.

Aperitif: Negroni With a meal: Bruno Giacosa Barolo Digestif: Moletto díuva Grappa Summertime sippiní: fresh lemonade
Little spinach pies. Or, at the moment, the deli-rye variety of triscuits (with a sliver of cheese) hits the spot. Shout out to W. Daisy for contributing to my cheese habit.
In my cranial files right nowÖ a little Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Belle and Sebastian, Air, Pizzicato 5, Shirley Bassey, Tom Waits, Noir Desir.
During Sunday dinners at my grandmaís house, grandpa would give all the kids a jelly jar-glass filled with his homemade red wine kissed with a touch of 7-up. Yum. Doesnít take much to make a 5 year old stagger.
Although I donít have a favorite color, Indigo is very nice.
Idle thoughts of an idle fellow - Jerome K. Jerome
Favorites in order: Harold and Maude / Auntie Mame (Rosalind Russell! Sorry, Lucile Ball) / The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer/ Charade
A rosemary topiary
Sambuca (rest in peace, sweetie)
Literal: I plant a flower garden for my mother every year. Otherwise, I think all jobs involve using a shovel in one way or another. But, I donít mind getting my hands dirty.
My mother, my grandmother, Rosa Parks, Jane Addams, and, today especially, my cousin Louise.
This has always been an interesting topic for me. Iíve always thought of myself as more of a humanist than a feminist. But, if being feminist means that I love being a woman and celebrating womanhood, absolutely, Iím a feminist. I thank all the foreladies thatíve paved the way for women to be treated more appropriately now than we ever have in history of the world. And, with continuing efforts, maybe someday the mere concept of the inequality of genders wonít even be an issue socially, culturally or otherwise. Now, where did I put that shovel?
The best time Iíve had in years. I love being around a group of lovely, provocative and hilariously witty women who always inspire me. LUPEC is a brilliantly hatched idea and Iím honored to be a part of it. Oh yes, and the cake is always an event of culinary genius.

I envision a quirky little wine bar with a cozy eclectic flair in a seaside town. It would be illuminated with bright sunlight in the day and a warm, crackling fireplace in the evenings. Weíd serve wines made in regions all around the globe and feature an ever-changing menu of simply prepared recipes. The modestly sized bar would be staffed with enough people so that they could rotate in a fashion that would allow some to mingle with the crowd while the others discuss wines with and pour wines for guests at the counter. With fun, loungy music playing in the background, it would never take itself too seriously, and would always feel like a home away from home to guests. And, being located near the shore, we could close up shop for an hour or two and take guests out for a sail anytime the mood strikes.

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