What: karaoke and general happiness
Where: Smithfield Café, downtown Pittsburgh
When: October 10th, 2001
Who: Brandy "You're A Fine Girl" Alexander, Black Monday, Pink Squirrel PS I Love You, Sapphitini, Whisky Daisy, Guest star Jilly!

Watch Sapphitini and Brandy in action! (Quicktime required)

Dinner was had by BYAFGA, B Monday, P Squirrel, and guest star Jilly. We crowded into a big maroon pleather booth. The waitress was gruff, but good at her job, I would have to say. We discussed topics ranging from the host of THIS AMERICAN LIFE (is he hot or not??) to where to get the best eyeglass frames, to the "distressed and vulnerable" state of Squirrelly's sinuses after the rummage sale.

Dinner comments:

PSPSILY(didn't really comment on dinner (portobello mushroom sauce with penne) Liked the kalamata olives in the salad.
B Monday: I ordered monochromatic dinner again! (chicken romano)
BYAFGA: buffalo chicken salad-lots of yum!
Guest Star Jilly: My first devonshire-tastes like turkey gravy with cheese in it.

Drink Comments:
PSPSILY: Rob Roy with dry vermouth. You can tell it is rail scotch. Granpa would not approve.
B Monday: white russian---very good.(I think she had two-or three?)
BYAFGA: vodka martini with FOUR olives---high class. Bracing and potent. The rest of the night was all about the yuengling drafts, which were just as good as you would want for $1.75
Guest star Jilly: white russian-see above. Dessert in a glass. Then came the drafts….
Sapphitini: "I am catching a cold. I drank orange juice and sang four songs."
Whisky Daisy: several vodka tonics. I lost count. I guess she liked em okay though even though the bar did not have absolut. "OMG-I have to sing now!!! It will be bad. The vodka tonic(s) will help."

After eating we adjourned to the karaoke room. We got a big table BEHIND the karaoke guy, which meant that when our sisters were singing we were watching their backs. Also, it meant that people in the window were checkin us out, too.

Quoth B Monday: "being downtown after dark-it feels a little like a post apocolyptic pep rally. Lots of people looking in the window-checking out music or asses or both?"

Songs Sung:

PSPSILY: "Kentucky Rain", "I'm Sick of Myself" duet with Sapphitini on "Islands in the Stream"
Sapphitini: "Islands in the Stream", "You Don't Even Call Me By My Name", "Hey Good Lookin", "Freaks Come Out At Night"(with tap dancing AND booty shakin!!!)
BYAFGA: "I Never Cry", "Kiss You All Over", "Beth"(duet with Lionel), "Bang a Gong"
Whisky Daisy: "Never Say Never"
Lionel: "Under the Boardwalk","I'm You're Boogie Man" ("definitely singing to the ladies"-B Monday)
Alvin: "Wind Beneath My Wings"

We were all touched by the beautiful voice of Alvin. We were mostly shocked by how touched we were. It was a humbling moment. Some of us had tears in our eyes.

We looked over Sapphitini's resume which she was preparing to take with her to galleries in NYC. We told Jilly that LUPEC is not all about having fun and drinking --- it's about overthrowing the patriarchy, too.

Lots of squishy love was bandied about. We really are a sorority now.
PSPSILY: " I just want to say that I love how supportive you all are --- even for a girl w/a voice such as mine. Women are cool!"
Whisky Daisy: "Maybe I'll sing…I Love You all!"
B Monday: "I keep saying this but I'll say it again after a rough week: thank goddess for LUPEC"
Guest star Jilly:"thank you for inviting me-neolupec. It's been crunk"

We got ourselves together to leave just as Marvin Gaye was coming on. I think that was for the best as I was in danger of getting myself in trouble with Lionel and his friend at the bar. I just don't even think I can go into the whole scene in the car with the cherub, the lost ticket and Whisky Mingus(or was that Charles Daisy??) All I can say is it is nice to know that I can always count on laughing till I almost pee my pants when I am around my LUPEC sisters.
You are all a bunch of funny classy broads and I love love love you!!!

Respectfully submitted this October 12, 2001 by Brandy "You're A Fine Girl" Alexander

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