Screwdrivers are the men and women who love and support LUPEC members. They show their support in any numbers of ways, including:

  • running out during business meetings to get hungry LUPECers their pizza,
  • baking soufflees and other tidbits for LUPEC meetings so his or her lady can spend more time creating those glamorous looks she sports,
  • and creating some of the fabulous coiffures you see on the LUPEC ladies.

But most importantly of all, our screwdrivers chauffer us to and from meetings, get togethers, and other events where alcohol is involved. Because if there is one thing a LUPEC Lady finds least glamorous of all -- and therefore NEVER does -- it is drinking and driving.

The Screwdriver
The Bio
Mr. Black Monday
Ms. Brandy YAFG Alexander
Captain Nimo
not available
Mr. Pink Squirrel
PS I Love You
Mr. Sapphitini
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Mr. Whiskey Daisy
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