usually brown
it doesn’t matter as long as the shoes are right. The appropriate bag goes a long way too.
Favorite beverage –if I step up to the bar before I’ve decided what I want I usually blurt out either vodka tonic on whiskey sour, if I’ve thought about it a Bombay gimlet on the rocks, or I am becoming very fond of the soda water drinks like Tom Collins, Singapore Sling, you know fizzy but not to sweet.
it should be crispy and have some dipping something on the side.
I am not picky. As long as it’s not the dave mattews band, I would have to leave. Patsy Cline is good for everything. I am usual a rock kinda gal, but for sippin’ with the ladies something a little more soothing.
Holding the cup under the keg for my dad, probably age 5 or 6.
am a big fan of Larry McMurtray, especially Anything for Billy. I read to many of those winy women, ‘I am not skinny enough, have to get a husband so I can get all the stuff’ books last year, that was bad, so I went back to my cowboy books. And Hemmingway, you can never have too much Hemmingway. I like books. I am a librarian after all; it’s required.
anything shown on flagstaff hill in the summer. But one summer they showed all the muppet movies and that was the best!
cut flowers, we both know what’s going to happen and have accepted it.
my 2 kitties and the dog upstairs.
one summer I was the cleaning/reception/gardner person. They obviously didn’t know my track record with plants. I had to clean tanning beds and the floor in the morning and then go home for 3 hours (unpaid), get changed and come back and sit at the appointment desk. Maybe if I had a bigger shovel those flowers would have made it. I also would have felt more useful if I had used a shovel to dig holes all day long, and then filled them back up again. Not that cleaning up after people coming out of an easy bake oven isn’t a worthwhile experience, I think digging a hole would have mad a more significant contribution to mankind.
my Mom and my Nan are awesome! From them, I learned to be my own hero. To live my life so that I look up to myself and look forward to what I’ll accomplish next.
Yes. because I have free will.
Being a unique part of something very special.
It would have a huge wooden bar with comfortable stools with backs, with interesting pendant lighting. There would be a large reference collection of trivia books, encyclopedias, cookbooks and bar guides. These are necessary to answer those burning questions that come up during an evening of drinking, like is pineapple a citrus fruit? And how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop? You know, important stuff. There will be lots of booths, each decorated in it’s own theme, and extra chairs to pull up for those unexpected guests. The booths will have diner style juke boxes stocked with lots of Motown, New Wave, Punk and of course Patsy, and some Rat Pack for all your listening needs. And no Dave Matthews!! And live music on Tuesday’s because everyone needs something to do on Tuesday, but no band will play longer than 28 ˝ minutes. There would be no such thing as well drinks, only call and top shelf, and weekly featured drinks and food at special prices.

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