Are you looking for Burlesque Dancers? Well, Buddy, you've come to the right place! For 2006, LUPEC worked with The Skinny Building to bring 9 Vintage Burlesque Queens back to life for Women's History Month!

Well--part of Women's History Month. The last part. These things take more time than you would imagine.

The nine photos are from a collection of 30 that used to be in The Wheel Cafe in Downtown Pittsburgh. Better known today as The Chart Room, "The Wheel" was down the street from The Pittsburgh Burlesk Theatre. One theory is that the photos were originally from the lobby of The Burlesk Theatre. The Burlesk Theatre is now what is known as a former building--meaning, its a parking lot. The papers of The Wheel and all 30 photos that ended up there are now in a private archive. The images are on display with accompanying text at the corner of Forbes and Wood downtown in the windows of The Skinny Building. Just look up--you really can't miss it.

Why Burlesque Dancers for Women's History Month? To paraphrase Ben Franklin: Because LUPEC loves you and we want you to be happy. The substrata of that philosophy is to ask the questions: whose stories are saved? whose are not? what voices have we lost because of that difference?

These are difficult questions so we are leaving the ladies up in the window for April as well. Just to give you time to think.

LUPEC would like to thank Al Kovacik of The Skinny Building for inviting us back for a second year and for not jumping ship when March 1st turned into March 20th. A big thank you goes out as well to Photography and Graphic Services at Mellon Institute, who not only got the scans done pronto, but who cleaned them up to pristine pro bono. The All Mighty Dave C. came through for us yet again even tho we don't call and we never write. Props to Marylynn Pitz at The Post Gazette for her stellar article. And, finally, many thanks to our anonymous collector who allowed us to display the ladies in question. Together, you have made Pittsburgh a more voluptuous place.

Happy Women's History Month!

Skinny Building/Burlesk Theater Project Article: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Monday, April 03, 2006.
Images of the installation in progress by LUPEC's own Hot Benefactress.

The following photos by Larry Rippel