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the food and drinks | the ladies

bourbon old fashioned

betty ford cocktail

jefferson's wine jelly

dark -n- stormy contemplating the jelly...

The table setting with: Hoover's Asparagus Souffle, Eisenhower's Chicken Salad Sandwiches, and the Betty Ford Cocktail

Roosevelt's Indian Pudding

Pink Squirrel (aka Mamie Eisenhower) offers her guests whipped topping for the Jefferson's Wine Jelly. Note the look of horror on Nimo's face at the prospect of using something so un-classy.

Clinton's White House Fruit Punch.

Clinton's White House Fruit Punch.

The scene around the table

Firefly, Dark -n- Stormy, and Nimo "the Ambassador" Tirimanne (also a damned fine host!)
Whiskey "Amy Carter" Daisy, and Brandy "Eleanor done got her gun" Alexander
Bijou "Jackie O, eat your heart out" and Mama "Lady Bird Who?" Sapphitini
Black "Hello Dolley" Monday and Grant "I'm Pat Nixon's recently fired PR Guy" Samuelsen
"This is what it sounds like, when Lady Bird cries..."
Lovely, studious, and peanut-laden.
Firefly recording her feelings about the drinks.
Books on the first ladies, and Johnson's Spinach Parmesean
Pink "Mamie Eisenhower" Squirrel (hostesses) and Screwdriver Nimo Tirimanne
The screwdrivers relax after a hard day of party hosting.

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