Hope you enjoy these pictures from the first LUPEC meeting, themed "Cocktails Parisienne." The first photo provides an excellent example of the type of setting each hostess is responsible for creating for her guests. On the table you will see clues to the theme -- note especially the carefully chosen (and displayed) music, the flags, and of course, the appetizers -- petit fours (recipe located in the meeting minutes, a PDF file that can be accessed here).

Here is a second photo from the meeting. The drinks that we tasted can be viewed from the "cocktails" page.

This is legendary French chanteuse Edith Piaf and the scandalous Josephine Baker. OK-so it's a great photo of La Piaf and "La Blonde Negresse," a drink reputedly created in honor of the Lady of The Banana Dance." Mlle. Piaf looks appropriately awed.

LUPEC loves Paris AND we love La Blonde Parisienne, a drink so powerful it makes the Eiffel Tower look like some cheap, plastic party favor.

In France, it is called "Décolletage"

"Wow!" says Whiskey Daisy, "Loreal Lipstick DOES smell like those red tablets you chewed in elementary school to see if you had plaque on your teeth!"

Grasshopper, that evening's secretary, exhibits an almost Anais Nin fashion flair, perfectly appropriate for the evening.

Ooh La La! La Squirrel Rose Fatale!

Whiskey Daisy representing Classy French Broads of the 50s. Note fishnet stockings.

Henry Miller stopped by to pawn Anais' typewriter and stayed long enough to take this photo. Notice the flushed faces of the happy women who have discovered that, whatever Paris has, it CAN be bottled after all!


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