When Alexander Berkman decided to assassinate Henry Clay Frick, Emma Goldman (the story goes) decided to prostitute herself to get money for a gun.  She put on her best stockings, went to the red light district and started eyeing up potential customers.  Apparently, it was so painfully obvious that she was out of place, some man just outright gave her $10 and told her to go home.  That was the money she used to buy Berkman the gun—the gun that Berkman used in his spectacularly unsuccessful attempt to kill Frick.  For some people, point-blank range isn’t close enough…

ANYhow, the above story is illustrative of the LUPEC rummage sale in that every revolution needs money.  What better way to overthrow the patriarchy than with proceeds from a rummage sale?  Well, the better way that comes to mind, if we’re discussing irony, is a bakesale, but who’s got that kind of time? 

LUPEC held its third annual Hipster Yard Sale at the home of the Mondays in Pittsburgh’s beautiful Polish Hill.  The two-day event netted us ladies some much-needed funds for programming and events.  It also allowed us to clean out our bulging closets and get rid of many well-intentioned but severely misguided gifts. 

It is LUPEC tradition that all participating LUPEC ladies get to pick one free item each at he beginning of the first day.  Saffi’s kitchenkitty lamp was quickly snapped up by F.Filly.  Saffi found the perfect birthday gift for her husband; a new and out of print book about Tiki Culture, courtesy of former bookstore manager Brandy.  Lady Finger and F. Filly brokered a trade: the red vinyl chair for the white patent go-go boots (“Just use windex to clean them…”)  At the end of the second day, everything is up for grabs before we pack it up for Goodwill.  Monday got a Point Park College t-shirt that, thru the miracle of seam rippers and iron-on letters, is now a LUPEC t-shirt.  Saffi got the big plastic shelves and she is now this years keeper of the Daisy’s Ex-Boyfriend’s china.

For those who came out and spent a little money, here is a quick update on where that money is going:

*LUPEC is purchasing copies of the Barbara G. Walker books, The Encyclopedia of Women’s Myths and Secrets and The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects  to replace the damaged copies in the reference room at the main branch of The Carnegie Public Library in Pittsburgh

*LUPEC is planning an All-Witch Halloween Party—stay tuned for details!

*Various women’s history projects in March of 2004.  March is Women’s History Month, you know.

Thanks to everyone who came out and rummaged.  We’re much obliged.

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